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A Getting to Know you Game for Staff and Paraprofessionals

This year I am gaining a new special education teacher in my building, along with a few new paraprofessionals who were transferred from other buildings. I have found that participating in a few team building exercises have increased moral and helped us work as a cohesive unit.

This idea is inspired by Hope King's giant jenga review game. (click here to see Hope explain her giant jenga game).

To prepare this game you will need 19 popsicle sticks, 4 different colored markers and a cup.

Using the markers color the tip of 5 sticks pink, orange, blue and color the 4 remaining sticks green. 

Place the sticks color side down in the cup. Each person takes turns pulling a stick and answering a question. 

Pink sticks correlate to questions about personal life such as "share something fun you did this summer", orange sticks correlate to questions about favorite things such as "what is your favorite food?", blue sticks correlate to preference questions such as "would you rather have recess duty or lunch duty?" and green sticks relate to school year questions such as "what is one thing you are looking forward to this year?". 

Once a question is selected each person takes a turn answering the question. 

To download this game  for free click here!

What do you do to get to know your new staff members in the beginning of the year?

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