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Read It and Roll It

Hi Everyone!

Every Sunday I have been linking up with The Bender Bunch for SPED-tacular Sunday Freebies. I love downloading resources but it is really special to have a weekly link up that it dedicated to free products for special education teachers.

Click here to go the the link up and see today's freebies.

Today on the link up I am featuring a product that I like to use for review: Roll It & Read It

Click here to download

I have used this product in the general education setting in addition to in the resource room, It is a fun way to review many different concepts.

This product is editable and features three differentiated versions. The concept of the game is the same, the different versions allow the teacher to increase the field.

For example, in the first version there is one editable text box in each column. The teacher could put 1-3 items in that column.

The version below was created to have 4 items in each column. 

The last version has the potential for seven items in each column. 

To play each student rolls a die, they read the entire column of the number they rolled. For example, if they roll a three they must read all of the items in the 3rd column. 

This is a great review game and something I keep on hand since it can be played quickly and without a lot of materials. 

In my classroom I keep a blank copies of the game printed out and laminated. I have my students write in the blank boxes with dry erase markers. My students love filling in the boxes and at the same time  they are practicing their spelling! Once all the boxes are filled in students challenge each other to a game.

Some items that I review with this game are:
  • sight words
  • phonics skills (CVC words, CVCe words)
  • letter identification
  • number identification 

 I created a Roll it and Read it sheet that focuses on reviewing letter names and sound identification exclusively for my blog followers.

Get it here

If you would like me to create another filled in Roll it and Read it sheet leave a comment below!

A Getting to Know you Game for Staff and Paraprofessionals

This year I am gaining a new special education teacher in my building, along with a few new paraprofessionals who were transferred from other buildings. I have found that participating in a few team building exercises have increased moral and helped us work as a cohesive unit.

This idea is inspired by Hope King's giant jenga review game. (click here to see Hope explain her giant jenga game).

To prepare this game you will need 19 popsicle sticks, 4 different colored markers and a cup.

Using the markers color the tip of 5 sticks pink, orange, blue and color the 4 remaining sticks green. 

Place the sticks color side down in the cup. Each person takes turns pulling a stick and answering a question. 

Pink sticks correlate to questions about personal life such as "share something fun you did this summer", orange sticks correlate to questions about favorite things such as "what is your favorite food?", blue sticks correlate to preference questions such as "would you rather have recess duty or lunch duty?" and green sticks relate to school year questions such as "what is one thing you are looking forward to this year?". 

Once a question is selected each person takes a turn answering the question. 

To download this game  for free click here!

What do you do to get to know your new staff members in the beginning of the year?