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A Special Educator's Guide to Co - Teaching

As a special education teacher, I have co - taught in a variety of classrooms over the last seven years. During my student teaching experience, I worked in a classroom with a full-time special education teacher and grade 2 teacher who co-taught all lessons together. For the last six years, I have been a resource room teaching servicing students both in my special education classroom and in their general education setting using an inclusion model.

I created A Special Education Teacher's Guide to Co - Teaching to help other special education teachers (and general education teachers) work together to best meet the needs of their students.

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Did you know there are 6 co-teaching models? I have found that most teachers think co - teaching is team teaching or fall into the rut of using the one teach, one assist model. Co - Teaching is hard. It requires planning, flexibility, and extra communication. However, it is one of my favorite parts of my job. Co- Teaching has given me the opportunity to learn from a variety of teachers, think creatively, and feel less isolated in my building and my students also reap the benefits of having two certified teachers teaching them.  

I created this resource to give teachers resources to plan co - teaching lessons based on all 6 co -teaching models and reflect on how it went. I am guilty - sometimes it's hard to branch out when one co -teaching model is working. This resource has allowed me to plan each co - teaching model and reflect on my teaching and my lesson delivery. I hope this resource will be beneficial to both new and veteran co - teachers. 



I also provided resources for setting up the classroom to meet the needs of both teachers, tips for getting to know your co -teacher, organizational documentation such as an accommodation and modification cheat sheet and an inclusion documentation form.

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Do you co -teach? Which co - teaching model do you use the most? Do you have a favorite? What forms or documentation to you use to keep yourself organized? Let me know in the comments section!