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Nautical Theme Classroom Decor and Organizational Pack

Every since attending college in Newport RI I have been drawn to nautical themes. I have picked up nautical themed pieces for my home and I even had a nautical themed wedding! (Below are some pictures of my nautical themed wedding decor). 

It was only a matter of time before I would be inspired to continue this nautical theme over to my classroom. 

 I created a 225-page classroom decor and organizational pack that is nautical themed and full of navy, stripes, sailboats, and anchors. 

To see the full listing of my nautical themed decor pack click here.

The pack includes alphabet letters (including digraphs and long vowels). Each letter is one page and includes a picture cue of the letter sound. 

This will be my 7th school year in 4 different classrooms and I always make sure I have an alphabet for my students to reference letter names, letter sounds, letter formations.

This nautical decor and organizational pack includes numbers 1-30 on nautical themed posters and money posters for the penny, nickel, dime, quarter and dollar. I love the how everything matches and works together on my bulletin board.

As a special education teacher I am in so many classrooms! It is so helpful if I know where the classroom teacher keeps his/her supplies. Sometimes I'm searching for a sharpened pencil, whiteboard or marker to help the lesson run smoothly. I love when  I know where the supplies are in the rooms I am in. If you are a classroom teacher consider labeling your supplies.

I created so many labels and I thought that I thought of everything, but just in case I included an editable page. I included editable pages throughout this pack into order to make this decor pack work for all types of classrooms. 

A lot of my students work best when they know what is next, so I created these schedule cards for my students to know what is coming all day long. This is the number one thing I like to share with the general education teachers I work with. All students like to know what is coming next (think about it - are you antsier when you don't know what is coming next? I am).

If you are interested in just purchasing schedule cards Click here 

This pack also includes classroom job cards with an editable page to add classroom jobs for your classroom.

I can't wait to hang these nautical themed book labels in my classroom. 

Also included in this pack are word wall labels, calendar pieces, nautical themed bunting, table labels, numbers 1-30 for labeling mailbox, bins, or book bags and much more!

I also decided to include nautical themed binder covers and section dividers.  There are two options to choose from, chose one or the other or just mix and match!

To see the full listing of my nautical themed decor pack click here

What is your favorite color or pattern? Do you change your classroom theme every year?

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