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Gray Chevron Classroom Theme

I can't believe I have been back in my classroom for two weeks!

Isn't it overwhelming when you walk into your classroom after being away for the summer?
Here is a snapshot of what my small group area looked like when I walked in.
Lots of unpacking to do!

This year I was able to stay in the same classroom (first time in three years) so I had some idea of how I wanted to set up my room.

I have been obsessed with the color gray (grey?) for about two years, and I also love patterns. I created the Gray Chevron Classroom Pack to decorate and organize my own classroom, and uploaded the pack to TeachersPayTeachers once a few teachers in my school asked me to create the same decor for their classrooms!

The Gray Chevron Decor and Classroom Organization Pack is HUGE! 

The pack includes alphabet letters (including digraphs). I am obsessed with the gray chevron theme and one of the first things I did was hang my alphabet. I don't have a ton of wall space in my classroom so  I have use every space, I hung my alphabet over the entryway to the break area in my room.

The gray chevron decor and organizational pack includes many themed math tools/ posters. I love the how everything matches and works together on my bulletin board.

As a special education teacher I am in so many classrooms! It is so helpful if I know where the classroom teacher keeps his/her supplies. Sometimes I'm searching for a sharpened pencil, whiteboard or marker to help the lesson run smoothly. I love when the I know where the supplies are in the rooms I am in. If you are a classroom teacher consider labeling your supplies.

I created so many labels and I thought that I thought of everything, but just in case I made this section editable!
Add your text or image in the above card to modify this pack for your classroom!

A lot of my students work best when they know what is next, so I created these schedule cards for my students to know what is coming all day long.

Schedule cards come with and without clocks. I also created an editable version for the schedule cards with and without clocks to meet the individual needs of your classroom.

This pack also includes classroom job cards.

I am also love these gray chevron themed book labels!

For more information about my HUGE gray chevron pack here

I had a request to create an editable version of these alphabet posters so each teacher that downloads them can add their favorite font.

Get the Editable Gray Chevron alphabet here

What is your favorite color or pattern? Do you change your classroom theme every year?

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