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Paraprofessional Survival Kit

As a special education teacher I work with a variety of paraprofessionals. Over my four years as a special education teacher I have worked with 16 (I am losing count) different paraprofessionals.

Paraprofessionals are your BIGGEST resource! My paraprofessionals are the key to making my classroom run smoothly. 

I like to start off the year showing my paraprofessionals how much I appreciate them! Over the years I have given my paraprofessionals a variety of gifts to celebrate the beginning of the year. Examples of gifts I have given in the past include, coffee mugs and k-cups, hand lotion and scented hand sanitizer. I wasn't sure what to do this year, but then I remembered when I first started teaching I received the cutest little "Teacher's Survival Kit", and I decided to create  survival kits for the paraprofessionals that work in my room.

Here is the finished product!
The adorable "just in case" bags are from ClementineWeddings (they are left over from my wedding welcome bags and really are just so cute).

Each Paraprofessional Survival Kit includes:
  • a mechanical pencil - so you are always sharp
  • a highlighter - so your day stays bright
  • an eraser - because we all make mistakes
  • post it notes - to remind us to stick together
  • a lifesaver - because we would be lost without you
  • a rubber band - to help you remain flexible
  • a paperclip - to help you keep it all together
  • a band aid - for when things get a little rough
  • coffee - for when you need a pick me up
  • a shiny penny - because you help our students shine
I created this tag to attach to each survival kit with an explanation for each item inside the kit.
Click here to get the label FREE!

To prep the label cut around the boxes and fold on the line. I am planning on hole punching and attaching with ribbon to my Paraprofessional Survival Kits.

 I put the entire kit into a clear bag (you can find them in the party supply section  of most stores) and then I will attach the label to the bag (I still need to get a ribbon).

I left a spot on the top of the label for you to address them.

I also created a label that says "Special Education Teacher Survival Kit" in case anyone wanted to create a kit for their coworkers. (This label can be found in the download- you can get it here).

For more tips about working with and managing paraprofessionals check out A Special Education Teacher's Guide to Managing Paraprofessionals

Do you start off the year by giving a gift to your paraprofessionals? If so, leave a comment and let us know what gift you give.


  1. Yes, I couldn't and wouldn't want to do the job without the great paraprofessionals in my classroom. I have given them coffee mugs, personalized notebooks, a candy treat bag with little sayings for the different candy, and a gift bag of school supplies like new teacher scissors, sticky notes, pens, pencils, pocket size sanitizer, etc You get the idea. Love this idea I've been trying to decide what to do this year and this is great. Thank you.

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